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Holding a second citizenship or obtaining a permanent residency in another country, are becoming ever more interesting, relevant and attractive for many business and non business people and families. In an ever changing World, with ever growing burdensome regulations and tightening of tax laws, loss of banking privacy due to cyber attacks, intentional leaks of confidential information, as well as political instability and post BREXIT! Entitlement of a second citizenship could result form descent, family roots which may entitle an applicant to a foreign citizenship as a result of his ancestors’ past citizenship, or by making an investment under a particular Investment program in a country which allows citizenship by investment or a permanent residency by investment program.

Having a second citizenship or a permanent residency of or in another country, provides many benefits for the holder (and usually for his family members too), such as visa free travel to many countries, a right to live, work and enjoy social benefits, taxation advantages and free of charge or reduced cost of academic studies, where applicable.

Businessmen enjoy flexibility in the way they can conduct their business, finances and tax liabilities. The partners of "Global Citizenships” (GC),

are seasoned professionals and experienced lawyers with many years of experience in dealing with matters of Citizenships and Permanent Residency, whether by descent or by investment (CBI) and have been dealing with this for over 20 years. Whereas the practice of these fields was conducted within their respective law firms, they have now joined force to pool their experience and expertise into GC.

Whereas we focus GC’s practice area in the fields of citizenships and residency, we in fact are able to render a more comprehensive service, being qualified lawyers admitted in various jurisdictions, including the UK, South Africa, Israel, Cyprus, Poland, Lithuania, Romania and Greece, to meet clients’ demands and needs.


Richard Reingold

Richard, whom is based in London, is a qualified English notary and lawyer and member of The Notaries Society and the Law Society of England and Wales. Richard gained a BSc in Economics from Southern Methodist University (Texas, USA) including a period studying at the London School of Economics. Richard has a wealth of legal, financial and commercial experience gained in the City of London, in Continental Europe and on Wall Street working as an investment banker (in both corporate finance and sales and trading) and as a lawyer (private practice and in-house). 

Michael Grimberg

Michael Grimberg  is an engineer by profession, a graduate of the University of Iasi and the Technion, and has been engaged in business in Romania, where he resettled 22 years ago. Born in Romania and a mother tongue speaker, Michael, together with a team of local lawyers oversees our Romanian citizenship application process. Michael also heads the CBI program, working closely with clients from the Middle East.  

Gregory Torok

Gregory is originally from Budapest, Hungary, but grew up in Beijing, China. He speaks a perfect Mandarin and manages our CBI programs for Chinese and Asian clients. Gregory is a graduate of the Beijing Language and Culture University and has been working with Chinese and Asian clients for the past 5 years.

Claudia Cheng

Claudia is our Assistant Manager for the China/Asia department, dealing with CBI for Chinese and Asian clients. Claudia liaises with Immigration Agents in China, Hong Kong and Singapore and is also responsible for the translations. Claudia id a graduate of the Paris American Academy in Paris.

Si Inann

Si has much experience of over 12 years in dealing with Polish, Romanian and Greek citizenships by descent. Prior to that, Si has held senior official managerial positions at municipal authorities and has managed several departments.

Supported by our lawyers in the said jurisdiction, Si manages the Citizenship by Descent applications. 

Rima Gedvilaitė Blumenzon

Rima is originally from Lithuania, a graduate of the University of Moscow where she obtained a BA degree in Business Management. Rima has been dealing with the reinstatement of Lithuanian citizenships for over 10 years. Rima manages our Lithuanian citizenship by descent service. She is also an official translator from English and Russian to Lithuanian. Rima works closely with the Lithuanian archives and with the relevant State Authorities. Rima also manages the CBI programs with our Russian speaking clients.

The Team members speak the following languages:














Chytron St 17-19 , Suite no 702, Nicosia 1075, Cyprus

Tel:  +357 99 464580


London Rep Office: 1 Fore Street, London EC2Y 9DT, UK

Tel:  +44 (0) 2073075911


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